Jon Lipman AIA designs sustainable homes, commercial and multifamily buildings, and communities using the principles of Maharishi Vastu architecture.

Vedic Architecture

Jon designs and provides Vastu consulting services for custom homes, office and apartment buildings, and communities for families, developers, and corporations across North America and the Caribbean. Jon also offers a large portfolio of predesigns of sustainable Vedic homes and apartment buildings.

Maharishi Vastu architecture is the authentic practice of the ancient Vedic system of architecture based in natural law, also known as Sthapatya Veda. Jon is the nation’s foremost authority in this field. He is director of, which administers all Maharishi Vastu work in the United States and the Caribbean.

Natural, Sustainable Design

The homes, larger buildings, and communities that Jon designs are created to thrive long into the future. Jon integrates an array of energy efficiency measures and renewable energy technologies to lighten a building’s load on the grid. Jon has extensive experience sourcing non-toxic and natural building materials.

Contact Jon to learn more about your options for Vastu in your home or business.